Reinhard Nissl wrote:
Halim Sahin wrote:
I was running alsamixer while changing the volume in VDR and in my case,
the PCM volume changes, not the master volume.

Have a look into xine's audio setup page. Maybe changing the alsa mixer
device to PCM helps.
Thats not my problem.
So, you don't want to touch the hardware controls at all, right?

Maybe an audio post process plugin could scale all audio samples by a
factor to simulate changing the volume. But I'm sorry, no such plugin
exists at the moment.

The older Xine I use (v0.99.4.) has an option "Audio mixer control method" (audio_mixer_method), on the GUI tab, with 2 options. "Sound card", and "Software".
Does the latter do what you're after?

Regards, Iain
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