Halim Sahin wrote:

>>>> Hhm, I've had a look into .xine/config and there is this option you've
>>>> mentioned. But I did't find it in xine's setup dialog. It might well be
>>>> that this software mode does what I've mentioned above.

Actually, the config option is in the Gui tab, but I've looked for it in
the Audio tab.

>>> Thats the right option but it does not work for me.
>>> Perhaps someone can try this too?
>> Just to make sure, you are not going to send digital audio data to an
>> external decoder, are you? In case you are, the above option doesn't
> No I don't have any digital output yet.

I've just had a look what how this option works. Actually, this option
enables scaling all audio samples, but -- and that's why it doesn't work
with vdr-xine at the moment -- it uses a different xine-lib stream
property to signal the requested volume.

If you change the volume in xine's UI, it should work though.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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