Stone wrote:
> Is this patch for streamdev a direct result from selecting the new
> "Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks)" option in kernel 2.6.21?  If yes, then

CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS "High Resolution Timer Support". Whether NO_HZ makes
a difference I'm not sure, i ran into this w/ both options on.
(launching "nice --15 vdr" w/streamdev+softdevice caused X to become
unresponsive; i had to reset the machine. X was barely usable even with the
vdr client niced)

> does the new "dynamic" timer effect vdr's performance as well?

After increasing that streamdev 1us usleep I don't see much difference in
vdr (+streamdev+softdevice) performance. Haven't updated to highres timers
on the vdr server yet, but i doubt it will change much. (iirc vdr itself
limits the delays to >=3ms).


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