> Is this patch for streamdev a direct result from selecting the new
> "Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks)" option in kernel 2.6.21?  If yes, then

CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS "High Resolution Timer Support". Whether NO_HZ
a difference I'm not sure, i ran into this w/ both options on.
(launching "nice --15 vdr" w/streamdev+softdevice caused X to become
unresponsive; i had to reset the machine. X was barely usable even with
vdr client niced)

> does the new "dynamic" timer effect vdr's performance as well?

After increasing that streamdev 1us usleep I don't see much difference in
vdr (+streamdev+softdevice) performance. Haven't updated to highres timers
on the vdr server yet, but i doubt it will change much. (iirc vdr itself
limits the delays to >=3ms).

I just enabled high res timers on my system and the timer accuracy is much
higher.  The response time is very accurate with this new option enabled.
But, the cpu temp seems to have increased by about 4 degrees.  I have now
enabled the associated option to high res timers (tickless system).  With
tickless enabled, the system seems to be just as responsive as before but
the cpu temp is back to normal.
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