On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 06:46:21PM +1200, Simon Baxter wrote:
> > > Does this mean there's an MPEG2-encoder onboard as well?  How do I use
> > > this?  With v4l2/ivtv and pvrinput?
> > Yes it's a full featured card(lacking in some areas like rf-out though)
> > with hw mpeg2 encoding. I'm also considering buying this card and
> > any comments or experiences from users of this card are more than
> > helpfull. Especially on picture quality of the composite-out and
> > possibly rgb-out if someone's hacked it(alot harder than 2.1 cards
> > I hear).
> Sorry to be pedantic, but just to be clear.
> You're saying in addition to it having an MPEG2 decoder, it also has an
> MPEG2 ENcoder for the composite video?

I meant an mpeg2 decoder =) sorry about that
> I've had one comment that the front-end inteface the card has is unsupported
> by a lot of software.  I gather this means under Windows??  Surely VDR
> bypasses all this??
> Re: the RGB - There's no J2 connector on the card and I doubt it's as easy
> as soldering one in (otherwide dvbshop would have done that!!)

I've read on various sites that hacking rgb-output from this card requires
removal of the chip itself, I can see this as a showstopper for dvbshop.de.

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