Having read the "Using VDR on Mac OS" threads, I have tried out
streamdev-client (had been using the server quite often) no a DVB-less
system.  I am running this under gentoo which creates a VDR process in
the bootup, then I use vdr-sxfe to display on the screen.

I have managed to get this working by copying the channels.conf over
from the original vdr-server, however, when I close vdr-sxfe, the VDR
server on the streamdev-client machine doesn't release the stream, which
means that no one else can change channel.  Is there a way to release
the stream to allow channel changing on the server without closing the
second vdr process (which would require root access).

I figured if I had a local dvb card then switching channels to something
local would do it, but I don't, and won't when I get this running on OsX.
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