On 04/17/07 22:13, VDR User wrote:
> When VDR compares epg data to see whether its been updated, does it
> actually compare the show description/info data or just certain fields
> in the epg data entry?  I'm guessing the latter because I've noticed
> that when I populate extended epg data, a lot of shows will have a
> generic description.  I let a few days go by and the generic
> description is still there in my epg data but if I delete epg.data and
> re-populate it, the description is updated.  This leads me to believe
> VDR isn't comparing the entire epg entry for changes but perhaps just
> changes with show name or so.

If you populate the EPG data from an external source, you can control
whether or not VDR is allowed to overwrite that data with actual data
from the transponder. If you set the "table id" to 0x00, VDR will not
overwrite it.


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