By setup, one can add up to 4 additional times to extend the green
button, e.g. 'afternoon', 'prime time', 'late night'. Times, that are
already passed, are skipped (you will not get 'afternoon' at evening)
with the exception that a time will be displayed for the next day, if it
is less then 20h in the future.

Are you sure, you get both times if 'use favorites' is disabled? If so,
please give me your setup times and the time when you tested it. Also
the setup of the favorites 'before or after user-def. times' would be
interesting. I just did a quick check and it worked on my setup.

Thanks, Christian.  I understand why it did not display both times now.  It
works as designed.  It was the 20 hours in the future that lost me.

Best Regards.
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