here's the next release of epgsearch.

2007-04-29: Version 0.9.21
- support for the new MainMenuHooksPatch. This replaces the
  vdr-replace-schedulemenu patch. The new patch is used by other plugins
  too, so from now on only one patch is needed. The old patch is still
  supported, but this will be removed in the next releases.
- announcements of broadcasts via OSD have been completely redesigned.
  Instead of displaying them event by event, you get now
  "x new broadcast(s) found! Show them?". Pressing 'Ok' shows a menu of
  all events with the usual functions as in other EPG menus. With "Edit"
  you can modify the announce settings (like "announce again: yes/no" or
  announce again after day x).
- timer conflict notifications via OSD can now be supressed while
  replaying. Nevertheless, if a conflict comes up within the next 2
  hours the message gets still displayed.
- all addon plugins (epgsearchonly, quickepgsearch, conflictcheckonly)
  now have a setup option to toggle the main menu entry on/off, thanks
  to Tobias Grimm for providing a patch.
- channel name in aux info of manual timers, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
  for providing a patch.
- new script undoneepgsearch.sh to undo a timer within the recordings
  menu, more info at:
  Thanks to the author Christian Jacobsen
- update for french translation, thanks to Patrice Staudt
- update for finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
- menu 'timer conflicts details' now also shows the date of the conflict
  in menu title, suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- the password for mail authentication is now hidden in the OSD, i.e.
  represented with '***...'
- the setup for mail notifications now also has a "Send to" address,
  because some providers don't allow the same address for sender and
  recipient. If "Send to" is not set, epgsearch automatically uses the
  sender address as recipient.
- when testing for repeats (with feature 'Avoid repeats') epgsearch now
  only compares the alphanumeric portions of title and episode and
  ignores the case too. Suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for finnish translation update
- added '&' to the set of valid chars for search terms
- the tags stored in the aux info of the timers created with search
  timers conform now to correct XML syntax (no capitals, no blanks).
  E.g. "Search timer" will be changed to "searchtimer". So don't wonder
  if the first search timer update will modify all existent timers
  created with search timers. Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for reporting.
- update of recordingdone.sh because of the previous changes, thanks to
  Mike Constabel for providing a patch
- fixed a segfault in the case of misconfigured extended EPG categories.
- scrolling text items now works again, if your skin supports this.
  Thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting.
- setup option "Use search timers" now always gets automatically
  enabled, if one toggles a search to 'active' or manually starts a
  search timer update.
- fixed handling of double quotes in title/episode when passed to
  userdefined EPG commands, thanks to Mike Constabel for reporting.
- fixed menu handling in search timer templates menu, thanks to
  [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting.

Description and download:
wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.21.tgz

Have fun!


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