> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] gnutv]# ./gnutv -cammenu
> > en50221_tl_poll: CAWrite failed
> > en50221_stdcam_llci_poll: Error reported by stack:-2
> > Can anyone suggest anything?  Does this look like faulty hardware???  It
> > does it in 2 different machines.
> It is indeed not flaky hardware as i wrote earlier. -2 is timeout. It is
> due to a bug in debiread/write

<<<<<from thread "Re: [linux-dvb] no write access to CAM?
> Have been looking at that bug. The bug is that the driver times out. The
> bug was discovered by julian (adding his CC)
> >
> > What is going on here?  Can anyone help?
> The bug is that the debi bus looks unlocked and that debiread/write
> doesn't look serialized, using uselocks creates it's own set of problems.

Thanks Manu - sorry, I had my SPAM filters set wrong and your message was

Any suggestions on this?

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