Jouni Karvo wrote:
> Stone writes:
>  > >
>  > > It still wouldn't surprise me if this version caused a few overflows,
>  > > but hopefully these will be very rare.
>  > 
>  > I'm curious how streamdev will function with these buffer changes.
> And since I am not convinced that this memory footprint issue is
> significant, I am concerned if this patch is accepted before all the
> overflows and problems with live viewing have been solved first. 

It shouldn't. The whole point of posting it is so that other are able
to test and review it. That is why I always mention the overflows.
Right now it's stable enough for production for me, haven't seen any
overflow since adjusting the growth rate, but it would be nice if
somebody with a different vdr setup tested it too (eg a FF card based
It will take weeks to verify that the code works as expected (the goal
is to have _fewer_ overflows (compared to the static buffers) while at
the same time a much smaller working set).


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