you could try to use femon (the console application) in the dvb-utils package.

Alasdair Campbell schrieb:
When trialing vdr-femon-1.1.0 with vdr-xineliboutput-1.0.0_rc1 I
receive the following error when trying to view the signal information
of my recording server via my streaming only client.

ERROR: cFemonOsd::Show() cannot open frontend device.

Is this a known problem or is there something more I need to configure
for my specific setup?

[I need Femon to investigate dvb-t signal issues:- with vdr running
the signal to my old freeview settop box is degraded to an unusable
level. Signal from common aerial is being split with a "1 in 2 out"
signal amplifier. There's a 25m cable to the vdr server and a 12m
cable to the set top box.]

Any advice gladly received!

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