Steffen Barszus wrote:
> bugtracking is for sure a nice tool, but for vdr alone i don't see the
> use of it. Often its one of the components which is making problems (a
> plugin/patch) and these are on thousend different locations (vdrportal

Perhaps using Launchpad would be an idea then? It can be taught about
projects and products, so you could have a vdr project with various
products registered underneath it (ie vdr and all the components), then
bugs can all be tracked in one place and easily moved from the vdr
product to another component.

It's kinda a shame that so much work goes into the VDR community, but
it's spread around the place and hard to keep track of. Hosting code
branches on Launchpad (or at least mirroring them there), keeping bugs
there and so on, would be very useful, imho.

Chris Jones

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