Chris wrote:
> My shutdown script checks for different running processes (or connections)
> and does not quit vdr if at least one of the tests returns true. But since
> 1.5.2 (or probably since 1.5.0) the shutdown script remains as a zombie
> in such cases until vdr actually quits.

The shutdown script has always been a fire-and-forget script that did 
not evaluate any return codes or output. The only change that landed 
together with the VDR shutdown rewrite in 1.5.1 is that the script is 
now called detached from VDR, so it can run in parallel and will not 
terminate together with VDR. Some shutdown scripts may need to be adapted.

If you want to investigate: thread.c:SystemExec() is called with the new 
parameter Detached=true. STDIN is redirected to /dev/null, STDOUT and 
STDERR are same as VDR, all other FD's get closed as before.



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