On 05/28/07 20:59, Thomas Wehrspann wrote:
> On Sunday 27 May 2007 18:49, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> I'm currently implementing support for Freetype fonts in VDR 1.5
>> (based on Alexander Riedel's patch) and would like to completely
>> drop all the pixel font stuff.
>> Just to make sure there won't be somebody who absolutely needs
>> the pixel fonts, please let me know if this is ok. Since probably
>> most of you will be running VDR with UTF-8 anyway (once it is
>> supported, which will be very soon), my guess would be that the
>> pixel fonts are really obsolete.
> The extrecmenu-plugin uses pixel fonts to display icons.
> Some unused character numbers are assigend with those new "characters" to 
> display a symbol of a dvd, directory,....
> This looks very nice and is a great usability enhancement.

This wouldn't work with Freetype fonts, anyway.

> So i think something similar (integrating icons in the OSD) should be 
> possible 
> also in future VDR versions.

I agree.

So I guess it's safe if I drop pixel fonts altogether.
Anti-aliased freetype fonts really do look good ;-)


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