Hello Carsten
>> Looks like he has to turn the automagic channel update off for doing this ?
>> Now the next persons have the same problem and I don't like to spent 
>> more time on the phone then necessary ;)
> Yeah, there is a trap. ;-)
> If you do not change the service ID, vdr correctly
> identifies the channel as the old channel and correctly
> restores the parameters, which is not what most people
> would expect. 
Exactly the same happens if you select an incorrect SID and I also have 
seen that a correct SID sometimes does not help.
Entering everything correct, pressing ok, the new channel is correct. 
Zapping a litle bit, coming back and the channel is the old one ....
> In fact, that does make the feature which
> allows you to edit the other parameters somewhat funny. ;-)
> I guess there are two ways to get to the desired result:
> 1) Change *all* parameters including the service ID.
> 2) Look for the new channel entries at the end of your list
>    and move them to the desired position.
The second one is a no go - tell an old man how he should move channel 
2000 to channel 2 ;)
There should be an option to enter the desired number for the channel.


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