>> What is the preferred way to change the settings of the channels Pro7 ... ?
>> I have a lot of  users which do not have a pc to take the easy way 
>> (shutting down vdr and editing channels.conf)
> That's the hard way. ;-)
Oh no - i love my SlickEdit ;)
>> Yesterday I had a phone call with one of these and changing the channel 
>> settings via the menu is horrible, because after changing the channel 
>> some minutes later vdr replaces the channel with the old settings.
>> Looks like he has to turn the automagic channel update off for doing this ?
>> Now the next persons have the same problem and I don't like to spent 
>> more time on the phone then necessary ;)
> Basically it's very easy:
> 0. Set 'Update channels' to 'add new transponder'.
>    Wait until vdr has added the new channels (EPG scan).
> 1. Enter Channels menu:
> - Move cursor to 'ProSieben'
> - Press '0' until channels are sorted alphabetically.
> - Move cursor to the new 'ProSieben' channel.
> - Press <blue> (mark).
> - Either enter new channel number directly and press <ok>,
>   or use <up>/<down> to select the channel which should be replaced
>   (i.e. old ProSieben) and press <ok>.
> 2. Update timers in the Timer Menu to use the new channel.
> 3. Finally delete old channels (Channels menu).
>    Note: It is very convenient that vdr issues a warning,
>          if there is a timer for the channel to be deleted.
Nice - thats easy - it just solved me half an hour on the phone ;)


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