On 05/26/07 18:57, Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> hi.
> since i get many lines of
> read incomplete section - len = 1127, r = 334
> when my machine is recording and under heavy CPU load, i was curios what
> this means. i had a look at the vdr source and saw that there is nearly
> no code to recover from short reads from the corresponding
> filedescriptor. my guess is, that this data is not important enougth to
> be handled more carfully. but what is it for? i searched the web for
> EIT DVB section filters a.s.o. but couldn't find any useful
> information. can anybody give me some hints or point me in the right
> direction regarding section filters?

The data retrieved through the section filters is repeated frequently
(like EPG data, channel data etc.), so if a packet is lost here it doesn't
really matter that much. If you do get these errors a lot, though, it might
be an indicator of other problems (bad reception, too much load etc.)


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