On 6/7/07, Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Like I said last time this topic came up: I somehow got rid off the
> problem. I don't exactly remember the last thread about this problem
> and I didn't keep the mails - but wasn't there someone who also got
> rid off this problem by updating mplayer to a current SVN version?
> I thought it had something to do with VDR's DVB settings and stuff
> but I also updated mplayer.
> Currently I'm using MPlayer dev-SVN-r22825-4.1.2 and VDR does not
> crash when a timer triggers (or stops) while using mplayer. Well,
> at least here.

I compiled the current svn as suggested in that thread and it did not
help the problem.  If you have 2 dvb cards (which many of us don't)
then you probably won't experience the problem.

At any rate saying you fixed it somehow is great, ...for you anyways.
If the rest of us can't duplicate your magic then a proper fix is
required which is what I'm hoping will be the result of this thread.


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