Thursday, June 7, 2007, 5:29:23 PM, VDR wrote:
> I compiled the current svn as suggested in that thread and it did not
> help the problem.  If you have 2 dvb cards (which many of us don't)
> then you probably won't experience the problem.

I have 2 cards but I added the budget just recently and VDR did not
crash while running with just one FF card for months.

> At any rate saying you fixed it somehow is great, ...for you anyways.
> If the rest of us can't duplicate your magic then a proper fix is
> required which is what I'm hoping will be the result of this thread.

Since my FF card is in repair atm, I don't know if would be helpful if
I play around with the VDR settings I recall to see if can force the
crash again. If you guys want me to, I will do it as soon as the card
arrives here.

Atm my system runs with the budget cards and an old HW+ card. Dunno
if the problem would occur in this situation, anyway. (probably not)


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