I have a problem with my VDR setup. I didn't record anything in a long 
time (since 1.3.x was in use, then everything was ok) and just recently 
realised I have a problem. Anything I record get's splited into numerous 
pieces (like VDR is recording every frame into diffrent file)... so when 
I try to playback a recording I don't get smooth playback but something 
like slow motion.

To check some plugin is not the cause of this, I started VDR with only 
xine plugin enabled and tried to record something. Same thing happened.

Could it be that I have some wrong settings in my config file (I didn't 
changed practicly anything since I've used 1.3.x). Can someone pinpoint 
what could be the problem?

I'm using VDR 1.4.7 with xine plugin 0.7.10 (xine-lib 1.1.3).
I have a dish with two LNBs (pointed at 19.2E and 13E). regular diseqc 
switch. I'm using the same kernel/drivers for a long time (2.6.18), so 
nothing changed there. Only thing that was changed are VDR versions, 
I've applied patches as they got announced on this list

My diseqc settings look like this:
S19.2E  11700 V  9750  t v W15 [E0 10 38 F0] W15 A W15 t
S13.0E  11700 V  9750  t v W15 [E0 10 38 F4] W15 B W15 t

If someone would help me, please tell me if you need more information, 
thank you.

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