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I did read stuff a while back about people getting USB disconnects from
them at random but I've never seen that with mine.

Are we saying that the Hauppauge USB dual tuner ones work? That would
seriously make my day!

The nova-t 500 is a PCI card, but has an internal USB bus.

The nova-t 500 doesn't work reliably at my location. An older nova-t works
very well. The problem is with transmissions where the actual transmission
frequency doesn't match the frequency in the PAT/PMT tables, or if using
automatic settings for inversion, qam, hierarchy etc. See log below when
tuning with w_scan.

The nova-t 500s remote sensor doesn't work yet.

I wouldn't recommend this card for use under linux at the moment. It's a
hit or miss.

Well the T500 is working well for us in multiple machines (one has 3 x
T500's installed) under Kubuntu 7.04 and Kernel 2.6.20-15-generic. We are
using the Hauppauge remote successfully with MS mce compatible IR receivers.
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