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Actually there's not much closed source that affects the usage. On the PC side there's none, on the card side it's only the driver for the HDMI-chip in the kernel (otherwise Silicon Image would shoot us) and of course the firmwares for the internal audio/video-coprocessors (delivered by Micronas).

What's important for me (and I assume a lot of others), is that it decodes any potentially codec in use for dvb-s/c/t and hd-dvd/ bluetooth (mpeg2/4, h.264 and vc-1), and that it allows output in 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p, both in 48fps, 50fps and 60fps. If it does all this and provides a judder free, tearing free picture, and can reclock it's output to match the input stream rate, then I'm pretty sure we have a winner at hand. And I would be glad to pay £200 for such a solution if it does all of the above and works with open source software.

I guess I have to wait to see what becomes available...

Torgeir Veimo

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