On 06/29/07 07:21, Lucian Muresan wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 06/13/07 00:21, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> unfortunately this patches do not fix Transtation problems complete.
>>> i still have segmentation faults for example with softdevice plugin.
>>> maybe this help: vdr has translation "none". softdevice as also
>>> "none".....
>>> at this translation "none" have i core dumps...
>> Well, it was just a quick shot.
>> I'll look into it over the weekened.
>>> Klaus what about gettext? This ist better alternative to "Home-made"
>>> converting.
>> In the long run this is the plan, but as a first step I wanted to
>> do the freetype and UTF-8 stuff separately.
>>> Or minimaly without on the fly converting of i18n strings,  these string
>>> use from the begin as utf8 strings.
> If you remeber the thread almost 2 years ago, "OSD language settings 
> stored as language code (was: i18n.c sorted)" 
> http://linvdr.org/mailinglists/vdr/2005/11/msg00646.html at that time 
> you first found it a good idea, then postponed it for 1.5.x. Right after 
> that I also developed a working gettext patch based on this one, and of 
> course, Alexander Riedel's UTF8-patch as it looked like at that time.
> Now you integrated utf8/freetype in vanilla VDR yourself, and from what 
> I've read (haven't tried or looked at the code yet) it seems you used at 
> least parts of that UTF8 ideas. What plans do you have about gettext, 
> how long would that run be? Would it make sense if I'd rework my gettext 
> patch based on the current VDR developer version in the near future (I 
> developed it exactly having in mind your sketched ideas fom that time

I'm currently on vacation and won't be home until July 14.

I thought I had a gettext patch in my inbox, but apparently I
can't find it. Have you sent that to me before?

Just send me your patch as it is (doesn't necessarily need
to work with version 1.5.5 directly) and I'll take a look at it.


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