alex bustamante wrote:
> Hi,
> When i compile my plugins under vdr 1.4.7 most of them get the 
> versionnumber 1.4.5. For example: The result 
> of this is that i get the following errormessage when i try to launch:
> vdr: ./PLUGINS/lib/ cannot open shared object 
> file: No such file or directory
> My solution to this problem is 'ln -s 
> However, that seems more like a workaround. Is there a clean solution to 
> this? Thanks!

The 1.4.5 is the APIVERSION of VDR 1.4.7 [1], so the name is okay. The 
"cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" usually 
means that some library the plugin is linked against is missing. You can 
try running:

to see if any libraries are missing, though it seems unlikely in this case.

[1] I would've preferred using a completely separate numbering scheme 
for the APIVERSION, unrelated to VDR version, so that this kind of 
confusion could've been avoided.

Anssi Hannula

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