On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 10:38:21PM +0200, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Marco Schlüßler sent me the fix - see attachment.
> It was a side effect of the changes in skipspace()...

this patch seems to work only partialy:
lstc wdr
250-17 WDR
250-901 WDR
<<<<< CUT >>>>>
250-1425 WDR

looks like only The "Ü" (ONLY UPPERCASE) does not work for me :-o

newt 1:20:23:0:5:0:0:AAAÖÖÖÜÜÜ€€€€
250 14 1:20:2007-07-23:0000:0005:0:0:AAAÖÖÖ���€€€€:

vdr: [17770] timer 14 (20 0000-0005 
'AAAÖÖÖ�\377�\377�^F�\377�\377�^F�\377�\377�^F€€€€') added
vdr: [17770] deleting timer 14 (20 0000-0005 

newt 1:20:23:715:720:0:0:Bühnendübel
250 14 1:20:2007-07-23:0715:0720:0:0:Bühnendübel:

here it get strange: after putting a Ü in the Line, the timer gets added
but the normal output of the complete timerline is not always echoed back:
i have to press enter for getting a prompt; only every second input of
lstt works;

newt 1:20:23:800:805:0:0:BÜHNENDÜBEL

lstt 15
500 Command unrecognized: "lstt"
lstt 15
250 15 1:20:2007-07-23:0800:0805:0:0:B�HNEND�BEL:

mfg hermann

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