> Anyone know if development on these for vdr-1.5.x is underway?

For compile Probs on  timeline-1.0.141 for VDR up from 1.5.0 should
atached diff help.

Beside a note on all plugin devs.

I which the handling of fonts will be changed in next plugin

Stop the stupid handling to copy or link fonts in plugin config

For this you can simple use the font-cache used by fontconfig.

KLS shows a simple way in  (>=vdr-1.5.3)
font.c #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>
how is this to handle.

Use for font handling the system own mechanisms and installed fonts.
fontconfig should be included by all Distributions.

All other ways pass miles far on a clean/clear configured system.

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Joerg Bornkessel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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