On 07/28/07 22:14, Joerg Bornkessel wrote:
>> On 07/28/07 18:57, Joerg Bornkessel wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Use for font handling the system own mechanisms and installed fonts.
>>> fontconfig should be included by all Distributions.
>> Plugins don't even need to directly access any fontconfig stuff.
>> They can use cFont::GetAvailableFontNames() to get all of the
>> available font names, and create their own fonts with cFont::CreateFont().
> yeah ok,
> but this make it depend on >=vdr-1.5.3 imho,
> should included  code parts eg. (cFont::GetAvailableFontNames())
> in plugins directly then not work on older vdr versions too ?
> Anyway, my thoughts on it are, this font handling should be
> generally fixed/changed in plugins, not only in depend from vdr-1.5.3
> Klaus, maybe you can backport this functions on vdr-1.4.*
> That makes it plugin devs more easily,
> they still for the vdr-1.5.x refuses itself ;)

As a plugin author I would keep a stable version that runs
with VDR 1.4.x and a developer version that runs with VDR
1.5.x. Trying to have a single version that runs with all
versions of VDR is bound to fail if the differences become
too big.


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