Tobias made real help pages at e-tobi.net.
Thanks a lot. Really very helpful!

Now i am trying to make my next VDR using "debian packaging".
I can't use precompiled vdr because i need the "lnbsharing patch".
But when i apply that patch, all binary plugins are rejected.
That's OK.

Building vdr it self works so far, but.

How should a compile all these tons of plugins?

Is there somewhere a list (like patches) or script or have i to download 
each plugin, complie it, install it and than do the next
as shown in the script?

Is that the intended way to go?

Any hints?

The script 
seems to be something but it ia actually not...

Currenty i use these steps to "make" a debian package 
according to

vdr:~# cd /usr/src/vdr
vdr:/usr/src/vdr# cat ../vdrgetsources

# last version.

# make sure paths exists.
mkdir --parents /usr/src/vdr
mkdir --parents /usr/src/vdr-plugin-mp3

# remove all old files
cd /usr/src/vdr
rm ver_$VDR*.dsc

# get new files
apt-get source vdr
apt-get build-dep vdr

# get vdr-plugin (???????????????????????<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-------)
cd /usr/src/vdr-plugin-mp3
apt-get source vdr-plugin-mp3
apt-get build-dep vdr-plugin-mp3

# Expand packages
cd /usr/src/vdr
for i in $(ls -1 vdr_$VER*dsc)
 dpkg-source -x $i

# compile vdr
cd /usr/src/vdr/vdr-$VER

#check and display new patches if any.
diff -Nau ../../00list.ref ./debian/patches/00list > ../../00list.new
cat ../../00list.new

#generate patch list patch with my patch selection
diff -Nau ../../00list.ref  ../../00list > ../../00list.diff
cat ../../00list.diff | patch  ./debian/patches/00list

dpkg-buildpackage -tc

# show rejected files if patches failed
find .  -name "*.rej"

# store the package data in the local repository
cd /usr/src/vdr
mkdir --parents /var/lib/vdr-repository
rsync -p *.deb /var/lib/vdr-repository/

# bind the package
cd /var/lib/vdr-repository/
echo " Archive: stable
Component: main
Origin: Meins!
Label: Mein persoenliches Debian repository $(date --iso=seconds)
Architecture: i386" >Release

dpkg-scanpackages ./ /dev/null | gzip -9c >Packages.gz

#patch /etc/apt/sources
echo "deb file:/var/lib/vdr-repository ./"
ls -al vdr*.deb

#install the package (may faill die to wrong plugins!
echo "dpkg -i vdr-dev_$VER.deb"



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