Boguslaw Juza wrote:

> Have anybody tried xine-lib 1.1.7 with xine-vdr plugin and
> xxmc video engine? When I have done it, picture was flashing while
> deinterlace was enabled.
> I'm affraid, that support for bob deinterlace in xinelib 1.1.7
> in xxmc module was changed and now is a little underdone...

One of my patches to xine-lib is to disable bob-deinterlacing on demand
(= per frame) when for example a frame has the "progressive" flag set.
While this feature was planned for DVD playback, I recently discovered
that several broadcasters set this flag too, most likely depending on
the frame's content. But it happens that the flag is set although there
is interlaced content in the image, e. g. some stations have
horizontally scrolling text at the top or bottom of the screen and
though set the flag.

There'll soon be a patch which makes this behaviour configurable at
runtime. But to disable this feature at the moment, have a look into
xine-lib/src/video_out/video_out_xxmc.c and locate the line

    disable_deinterlace = frame->vo_frame.progressive_frame

and change it to

    disable_deinterlace = 0 * frame->vo_frame.progressive_frame

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