Hi Team.

Just would like to start this post with a big thankyou to everyone who
contributes to VDR.  It's a great piece of software and I have really
enjoyed toying with it over the past 6 months or so.

I've recently started using xinelibout plugin.  I have a vanilla vdr
1.4.7 apprat from the xinelibout plugin.

I've recently found that sometimes when watching a stream that is
currently recording, not sure why (could be load, disk speed etc) I
will see some on-screen stutering.  The scenario that happened last
night was as follows.

Recording a 2.5hr show / stream.  The recording was about 1hr 20 or so
mins through.  I had been watching the stream for about 30 minutes but
was up to about 40minutes in the stream, when I saw some "digital"
noise on the screen.  Like when you have a mild scratch on a dvd.
blocking etc.  I  happened maybe twice or three times over about 10 to
15 seconds and then went away..

Then, when I got to about 1hr20 minutes through watching the stream; I
get the "no signal" screen.  I tried "stopping" playback (so go back
to live tv) and no signal doesn't get replaced by the live tv.  I then
tried to watch some other recordings.. and the same thing happens
(that is, nothing.. the display shows like it's watching a show, but
the clock is stoped and ff/ww/jump don't change the clock value..).

So..  What can I do to debug whats going on and why??



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