On 08/19/07 18:07, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Udo Richter wrote:
>> Luca Olivetti wrote:
>>> The diff fails on all po files, it's only me or does it happens to others?
>> po files are a pain for diff-patches because they have lists of source 
>> code line numbers in the comments. If you've applied any other patch to 
>> the VDR sources, and did a recompile, then all your po files will have 
>> lots of changed line numbers.
> Maybe they should not be regenerated during compiling, but have a 
> separate make target for that?

Like this?

i18n: $(I18Nmo)
        @mkdir -p $(LOCALEDIR)
        for i in $(I18Ndirs); do\
            mkdir -p $(LOCALEDIR)/$$i/LC_MESSAGES;\
            cp $(PODIR)/$$i.mo $(LOCALEDIR)/$$i/LC_MESSAGES/vdr.mo;\



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