Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 08/19/07 18:07, Anssi Hannula wrote:
>> Udo Richter wrote:
>>> Luca Olivetti wrote:
>>>> The diff fails on all po files, it's only me or does it happens to others?
>>> po files are a pain for diff-patches because they have lists of source 
>>> code line numbers in the comments. If you've applied any other patch to 
>>> the VDR sources, and did a recompile, then all your po files will have 
>>> lots of changed line numbers.
>> Maybe they should not be regenerated during compiling, but have a 
>> separate make target for that?
> Like this?
> i18n: $(I18Nmo)
>         @mkdir -p $(LOCALEDIR)
>         for i in $(I18Ndirs); do\
>             mkdir -p $(LOCALEDIR)/$$i/LC_MESSAGES;\
>             cp $(PODIR)/$$i.mo $(LOCALEDIR)/$$i/LC_MESSAGES/vdr.mo;\
>             done
> ;-)

Not really. I mean't a separate target for running "xgettext" and 
"msgmerge", as they are only needed to be run by developers, and cause 
patch conflicts as Udo noted.

Only "msgfmt" and the copying of the files needs to be done when the 
user compiles VDR.

I checked few other random projects, and they use a make target 
"update-po" for running xgettext and msgmerge, which is not done by default.

Anssi Hannula

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