On 09/01/07 16:52, Boguslaw Juza wrote:
>     Hi!
> I upgraded my VDR from 1.5.1 to 1.5.9 yesterday. Its work fine, but
> I have a question:
> In some channels I have the EPG with characters in ISO-8859-2. These
> chars are replaced to '?'. How can I set EPG charset in VDR?
> It would be useful an option in setup.conf - EPGCharset = ISO-8859-2

The character set is defined in the first byte(s) of the data that
is broadcast for each string. VDR uses that information to convert
that string to the character set used on your system.

So the only thing you can change is the character set on your system
(or at least the shell that runs VDR).
If you receive channels that use different kinds of character sets, you
may want to use UTF-8. In that case you should see all characters
correctly, no matter which character set the broadcatser uses.

Unless, of course, the broadcaster doesn't set the character set
encoding correctly according to the DVB standard. The German "Premiere"
pay tv provider is notorious for this...


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