On Monday 03 September 2007, Kartsa wrote:

> My audio replay is kinda stuttering when replaying DVD's with dvd
> plugin. It's like the volume would be waving up and down with a rate of
> about 5Hz. I have a DXR3 and I have tried all possible things I could
> think of. Anybody had similar problems?

Yes, see the dxr3 plugin's TROUBLESHOOTING file.  NPTL (in case it's the 
problem - I haven't used a non-NPTL system in quite a while) can't be 
disabled on Fedora 7 though.

> I thought I'd try using mplayer
> plugin for DVDplayback but for some reason my mplayer plugin does not
> want to play DVD's (don't know why all settings should be correct in
> mplayer.sh.conf, even set debug to true).

Last time I tried it (I suppose you're talking about the vdr-mplayer package 
from livna.org) it did work for me out of the box.  Mplayer didn't have DVD 
menu support back then - and I don't know if it has nowadays - so I lost 
interest to experiment further pretty quickly.

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