Luca Olivetti wrote:
> En/na Rolf Ahrenberg ha escrit:
>> On Sun, 2 Sep 2007, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>>> You're right, I've re-checked without my patch and it works (though with
>>> the osd level the "IsOpen" check is not really necessary).
>> Well, you're right too and it was a bummer in my patch - somehow forgot 
>> to check those IsOpen calls when re-patching the ttxtsubs. I also 
>> integrated your mRealDoDisplay fix.
> Considering that
> 1) The last released version of the plugin is 3 and a half years old
> 2) Neither me nor google haven't seen the author here or anywhere else 
> since 3 and a half years ago
> 3) The (compressed) patch size is about half the (compressed) plugin source
> 4) You've been almost the only one that took care of the plugin (ok, I 
> did some very minor things, and probably there have been other 
> contributors, but you did the rest)
> why don't you take maintainership of the plugin, release a full tarball,
> and be done with it?
> Bonus points if you release a "stable" (or if you prefer "dead" ;-) 
> version for "stable" vdr and a bleeding edge version (without the #if 
> APIVERSION madness!) for the development version ;-)
> If Ragnar is alive and listening, please speak up.
> Bye
I agree with you Luca. I had an email conversation (in Swedish) with 
Ragnar a year ago and he said he doesn't use VDR anymore, so it's not 
likely we'll to hear anything from him here again. I don't know what the 
situation is in Germany, but if Claus will eventually integrate 
Teletext+subs in the VDR core that's the best solution for us in Sweden.
/Magnus H

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