On Mon, 3 Sep 2007, Luca Olivetti wrote:

> why don't you take maintainership of the plugin, release a full tarball,
> and be done with it?

Because I don't want it. The plugin needs a complete rewrite and there's 
no point to do it before Klaus has integrated necessary parts into VDR's 
core (OSD handling, subtitles menu/key, ..) that's hopefully next sunday 
:) I don't even had any ttxtsubs channels available for years and been 
just maintaining the plugin for my friends by doing as little as it 
requires... and besides, I've been getting those damn bug reports 
already, but been able to reject them by saying I'm not the maintainer!

I'd like to see the ttxtsubs (and closed captions) integrated into core 
VDR before the next stable release as they are IMO essential features 
that should work out-of-box.


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