I thought I would try this 

First a question asked on the Forum that did not get a reply:

        - PCM volume is being turned down to 0 which is very annoying

Where do I change these settings?

SetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0

The new versions of VDR and xine plugin:

        - xine CPU usage is up 10% from 35% to 45% on my Epia M10000. I am
using xine-lib 1.1.8 and the CVS version of xine-ui (I could not log
into CVS this morning to get xine-lib)

        - when it works it seem very fluid and zapping seems faster
        - any attempt at using the xine configuration dialog results in a lock
        - vdradmin 3.6.0 am has problems staying connected to VDR

This is what I saw in about 15 minutes of use.




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