Hi mailing list,

        using analogtv I get from video out of my dvb card blue faces. How
can I solve this?

My configuration with problem:

        Lifeview FlyDVB trio
        Technotrend S-2300

        modprobe saa7134 oss=1
        modprobe saa7134_oss
        modprobe dvb-ttpci

        vdr-1.5.11 + AnalogTV patch (from e-tobi.net repository)
        analogtv 1.00-11 (with mp1e from same distribution patched for

I've read that sometimes blue face can be corrected by changing Y, Cr, Br
with Y, Br, Cr, but. how to do so? There is a patch for mp1e?

The problem seems to be caused by a wrong video format used by saa7134
module and mp1e.

My other machine, with bt878 based card and xineliboutput, shown the right

Regards, Eddi

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