Trying to get a Genpix working with VDR.

I thought my troubles started when Reinhard posted his new
cause I got compile errors, (should of known better).

But after digging back thru all the old patches I could find I believe this
has been wrong for awhile. 

What is/was wrong was that the ‘switch (frontendType)‘ function did not open
and close the ‘{‘ ‘}’ properly (thankz Reinhard for pointing it out) after
the patch.


The original code is like this


  switch (frontendType) {

    case FE_QPSK: { // DVB-S


The patched code looks like this


  switch (frontendType) {

    case FE_QPSK:  // DVB-S

    case FE_DVB_S:  // DVB-S

    case FE_DVB_S2: // DVB-S


As you can see the last ‘{‘ is missing and a ‘}’ had tobe removed later down
in the code to make things happy. That is why I wonder how the patch has
been working in the past.


I tried to add the ‘{‘ in after the S2 and leave the removed 1 in but it
wouldn’t compile, (figured that be too easy).


What I have done is put the original ‘case FE_QPSK: { // DVB-S’ routine back
into dvbdevice.c and have added a new ‘case FE_DVB_S: { // DVB-S’ that
mirrors ‘case FE_QPSK: { // DVB-S’ routine and made a new ‘case FE_DVB_S2: {
// DVB-S’ routine under the switch.


I am no coder by any means but can cut and paste with the best of them. It
does seem to patch and compile fine but really unsure if what I did will be

Was wondering if someone with a little more knowledge than me could take a
look @ the patch and see if it all looks ok.




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