Rob Davis wrote:
> I have a couple of SkyStar cards on a VDR server, running xineliboutput
> on an NVidia card using a VGA cable to my HDTV.  I am seeing lagging,
> tearing and noticeable interlacing.
For tearing check that you have sync to Vblank enabled for Xv in 
nvidia-settings and include running of that in non-GUI mode into your X 
session startup. I wonder if that is available in xorg.conf. For nvidia 
remember to have Option "UseEvents" "True" in xorg.conf.

I wasn't able to get good motion via 60 Hz VGA and switched to HDMI that 
supports 50 Hz picture. I lost native panel resolution for slightly less 
sharp 720p mode but the overall video quality is much better. 60 Hz VGA 
might be good for NTSC but not for PAL.

I use for deinterlacing GreedyL deinterlacer with full frame rate 
(judder compensation off, chroma filter on, etc.) and the result is in 
my opinion good. E.g. horizontal scrolling news and stock tickers look 
perfect, better and sharper motion than in 2nd vdr box with old 50 Hz 
CRT TV and DXR3.

If overscan of 720p annoys and TV doesn't support underscan it is 
possible to compensated HDMI desktop overscan with this kind of modeline

ModeLine       "1224x689p50" 74.2 1224 1720 1760 1980 689 725 730 750 
+hsync +vsync

Then something like 3-4% overscan can be added to xineliboutput settings 
to hide the trash outside picture area. I had to fiddle also with 
nvidia-settings resolution related scaling effects to get desired 
overscan compensation effect.

Full HD TVs fortunately support underscan or exact scan.
> Is it worth buying a DXR3 on ebay?
Not if DVI/HDMI is possible.


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