> Over here, tests were done on STB0899, STV0299 and TDA10021 based
> all work out of the same multiproto tree (http://jusst.de.hg/multiproto)

There is something wrong then as it does not tune in vdr-1.5.12. I
have the following DVB-T frontends: -

[ 9539.157598] DVB: registering frontend 1 (Conexant CX22702 DVB-T)...
[ 9539.197883] DVB: registering frontend 3 (Philips TDA10045H DVB-T)...

Should the TDA10045H work? If so, perhaps the problem is that VDR is
tuning frontend 1 first which is not supported yet.

How can I go about porting the Conexant to the new interface? Is it
straightforward (i.e. can I compare the code for the TDA10021 based
frontend in v4l-dvb and multiproto and make the changes for the
cx22702 frontend?)


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