Morfsta wrote:
>> Over here, tests were done on STB0899, STV0299 and TDA10021 based
>> all work out of the same multiproto tree (
> There is something wrong then as it does not tune in vdr-1.5.12. I
> have the following DVB-T frontends: -
> [ 9539.157598] DVB: registering frontend 1 (Conexant CX22702 DVB-T)...
> [ 9539.197883] DVB: registering frontend 3 (Philips TDA10045H DVB-T)...
> Should the TDA10045H work? If so, perhaps the problem is that VDR is
> tuning frontend 1 first which is not supported yet.

If the driver what you have in the multiproto tree, if you see it as old, 
ie: changes have gone into those drivers in between. The easiest thing to
get going is:

Get the latest tree or whichever for which that demodulator/card is working 
with. Just overwrite the relevant older files for your driver/card in the 
multiproto tree (your local copy) That way, the devices which have been
newly updated also will work.

> How can I go about porting the Conexant to the new interface? Is it
> straightforward (i.e. can I compare the code for the TDA10021 based
> frontend in v4l-dvb and multiproto and make the changes for the
> cx22702 frontend?)

No need to do any porting. The same drivers which worked with the old API
will work with the new API too, just that there is a thin translation layer in 
between. If you need the "shortest call" to those drivers, then you will need 
to port them to the new API. Till then, you can go ahead with copying the
old drivers to the new API tree.


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