> I spent the whole evening with Manu looking through the emulation
> layer and cannot see any obvious errors in the DVB-T case.

Thank-you very much for your time.

> Then use VDR-1.4.x (limited to only one device) and tune to a
> certain DVB-T channel. Have a look what the driver reports (see
> dmesg or /var/log/messages or anything else which suits your
> system) at least for the set_frontend() function.
> Next use VDR-1.5.12-dvbs2-... (limited to only one device) and
> tune to the same DVB-T channel. Check what the driver reports
> this time. Additionally to the set_frontend() output there must a
> similar output before it which shows the parameters which VDR
> passed to the emulation layer.
> Please report the debug output here for further investigation.

Attached are two files - tuning to the same DVB-T channel using either
system and the Philips frontend... vdr-1.4.x shows the channel fine,
1.5.12 does not.

Hope this helps and thanks again for your assistance.


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