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Skickat: den 15 januari 2008 09:54
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Ämne: Re: [vdr] OT: Pseudo-real-time h264 transcoding of mpeg2vdr recordings

On 15.01.2008 09:35, Magnus Hörlin wrote:
> I'm sorry for bothering you with a question that should possibly have been
> sent to the mplayer mailing list.
> Next week I'm going to Tenerife to relax by the pool, but I don't want to
> miss any biathlon, alpine- or cross-country skiing transmissions, because
> then I can't relax.... Therefore I have made a script that scans my video
> dir for new recordings and starts encoding them to h264/AAC right away to
> bitrate of around 800kbps, which is what I can send from my server. Since
> will have internet access in my hotel room, I'm hoping to sit on the
> with my laptop and play the recordings using mplayer or xine while
> downloading them.
> One problem is that my vdr server is too slow to do it in real time and my
> vdr client is too fast (AMD BE-2400), so when mencoder "catches up" with
> real-time it exits instead of continuing until the vdr file is closed.
> And the same goes for wget which I planned to use for downloading the
> I guess there are many very simple ways to do this so I hope you don't
> my wasting your time by asking here.
> The obvious way would be to let vdr start encoding when the recording
> but I don't want to wait for that. There must be a better way.

For the download-part the easiest(tm) way is to rate-limit the connection.

wget --limit-rate
scp -l
rsync --bwlimit

With a little head-start on the encoding and a matching limit a 
continous download shouldn't be a problem.

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Thanks guys, but I ended up writing a perl script that feeds both mencoder
and apache as fast as they can take without sending EOF until the input file
is 60s old. That way I don't have to put any extra bandwith limitations on
the process and now I can use my VDR just a few seconds from real-time
anywhere in the world where there's an 800kbps downlink and a VLC, xine or
mplayer. Works great. Now if I could only get a faster ADSL uplink so I can
improve the image quality.


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