Manu Abraham wrote:
> Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> > Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> >> On 01/27/08 16:25, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> >>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> >>>> - Implemented handling of DVB-S2 (thanks to Marco Schlüßler and Reinhald 
> >>>> Nissl
> >>>>   for a patch that was used to implement this). VDR now requires the 
> >>>> "multiproto"
> >>>>   DVB driver, e.g. from
> >>> Would it be possible to make that optional via compile time define? 
> >> I guess so, but I'm not going to ;-)
> >> This new driver appears to be stable enough now - at least I've
> >> been using it for a few days now without problems.
> > 
> > *sigh* messing with kernel stuff sucks. Does a vdr built with the
> > multiproto headers at least also work on vanilla kernels ie stable
> > dvb drivers? That way one would only need to use different headers
> > for building vdr but no extra kernel modules at run time.
> AFAICT, the updated headers can be used along with the old drivers without
> any issues. If not there's an issue with regards to backward compatibility.
> Can you pleas point out the errors that which you see, when you are using
> the updated headers and the old drivers ?

I just did a quick test and didn't debug it further. IIRC the only
vdr error message was an error from the DVBFE_GET_DELSYS ioctl.


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