Niko Mikkila <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> >> So how do I force Xineliboutput to first scale the _video_ to screen 
>> >> (not vice versa) and then put OSD (unscaled) on top of that?
>> > Same problem here.
>> > I'd prefer it to scale the osd the same way vdr-xine does.
>> > (i'm using xine as a remote frontend)
>> There is a setting in /etc/vdr/setup.conf 
>> (Xineliboutput.VideomodeSwitching = 1), but in Gentoo that file gets 

I'm already using this setting.
For small video resolutions (like on itv1 - 28.2°E - 544x576) osd is
bigger and doesn't fit on the screen.


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