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> Hello,
> My vdrbox currently running with 2 Nexus cards. I plan to upgrade the box, 
> for receiving several TVHD FTA channels (from SAT and TNT). 
> At the end, I hope vdr could run with :
> - 1 x Technotrend S2-3200 HD
> - 1 x Nexus DVB-S (or 1 x Technotrend S2-3200 HD)
> - 1 x DVB-T double-tuner, TVHD compatible
> I am very interested by PCI-E double-tuner cards, like "Cinergy 2400i DT", 
> unfortunately there is no Linux driver yet, because PCI-E format. Then I've
> to
> choose one TVHD compatible double-tuner DVB-T in PCI format.
> I found the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T500 but I don't know if this card is TVHD
> compatible.
> Is it true that all budget DVB-T cards (ie without hardware MPEG2 or 4
> embedded) are
> TVHD compatible (like S2-3200 HD for DVB-S) ?

Well, I don't know about France, but here in Finland broadcasters are going to
wait for DVB-T2 until adopting HDTV in a wider scale, which means that current
DVB-T devices won't be able to receive future HD channels. There are no DVB-T2
cards available now--first models will probably arrive in 2009.

If you already have terrestrial HDTV channels running now, they are sent as
DVB-T, and any budget DVB-T card (Nova-T 500 included) can receive them.


Niko Mikkilä

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