On Fri, Feb 01, Magnus Andersson wrote:

> I have problems with channels that uses high bitrate on Thor 1W. A few
> channels uses between 10-11 Mbit/s mpeg2 and if I use tv-out from FF
> card vdr 1.5.14 the picture glitches and the remote response becomes
> really slow. It can take 10 seconds or more to change channel. There are
> no problems if I use xineliboutput and vdr 1.5.14 or channels with low
> bitrate. VDR 1.4.7 is ok with both xinliboutput plugin and tv-out from
> FF card so my question is how to log this? I start vdr with option -l 3
> but there is nothing in the log.
> vdr 1.5.14
> patches:
> vdr-1.5.14-liemikuutio-1.17.diff
> vdr-1.5.14-ttxtsubs-0.0.5.diff
> vdr-1.5.14-dvb-api-emulate-0.1.diff
> I have seen this in earlier versions of 1.5 so it is not related to
> 1.5.14 only.

I've the same problem with ARD, when I switch audio to dolby digital.
When I set audio to stereo, there are no problems.

Can you try to disable dolby digital ?

PS.: cpu is  "Mobile Genuine Intel(R) processor 900MHz" and ff card is a
01:0f.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7146 (rev 01)



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