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>> So how can i "nail" this moving DVB-T card to a fixed postition?
>You might try to blacklist the driver modules used for the cards in
>/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and then enter them in /etc/modules in an
>order of your liking. If you can read German, have a look at

>Good luck, Malte

Thanks. the  link sounds good, and can era german (and sometimes 
understand it ;-)

I too had "funny" effect with:
RemotePlugin Mplayer 
because of that move.

I ran 1.4.3 in
is stated that vdr_1.4.0-1ctvdr2_i386 had fixed the problem.

They recommand to hack /usr/sbin/runvdr

function get_modulenames()
    if [ "$KVERS_2_6" ]; then
        MODULES=`lsmod | awk '/^dvb_core/ {gsub(/,/,"\n", $4); print $4}' | tac`
        [ "$MODULES" ] && MODULES="$MODULES dvb_core"
        MODULES=`lsmod | grep dvb-core | cut -d'[' -f2 | cut -d']' -f1`
        [ "$MODULES" ] && MODULES="$MODULES dvb-core"

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